Harlem Shake

Club 93.7 Having Fun With The ‘Harlem Shake’
Yes we jumped on the bandwagon and did a 'Harlem Shake' video. Thanks to a few of our listeners we were able to have fun and stay warm this past weekend while doing such.
By popular demand I now present to you the 'Harlem Shake' with Club 93.7.
Pitbull Disses Lil Wayne in ‘Harlem Shake’ Freestyle
Uh oh, shots have been fired with Pitbull dissing Lil Wayne in 'Harlem Shake' freestyle. After recent comments and actions from the YMCMB CEO, Pitbull couldn't hold back on standing up for Miami and the NBA franchise Miami Heat.  The 'Harlem Shake' craze is sweeping the…
Harlem Shake the Barack Obama Edition [Video]
A new dance craze or whatever you wanna call it named the Harlem Shake has been all over YouTube  lately and our president decides to put a little flavor on it.
Now, stop me if I'm wrong. I thought the Harlem Shake was a dance that Diddy created on the track 'Special Delivery"…