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New Nas Documentary Will Be Released in October [Video]
If you ask your favorite rapper's favorite rapper he or she will probably tell you Nas.
Nas' debut album 'Illmatic' was regarded as an instant classic and is probably in the top 10 of greatest albums of all time.
And easily in the top 5 greatest albums of the 1990's, along wit…
How to Make A Rap Song in 30 Seconds [Video]
It is a hard pill to swallow, but in life some people will just be better than you in some aspects of life.
Some people will make things look a whole lot easier than they really are.
Pimp C ft. MC Breed [Audio]
The saying usually goes more is better, but when a rapper passes away and "new material" is constantly being released that can be over kill.
In the long run that can hurt that rapper's legacy, all because of greed by managers and record labels.
The Alphabetical Rap (Video)
This may not be a new concept, but I live this, and takes a lot of skill and actual thinking.
To me this is true hip hop, being creative and having fun, and being lighthearted, rap doesn't have to be dark all the time.
Astro Disses Kendrick’ King of New York Freestyle (audio)
Kendrick Lamar name should be mud by name because he has really stepped in it.
Response after response is what Lamar is getting after dropping is 'Control' song, and names will be made and forgotten all because of this newly sparked Hip Hop battle.
A Trip Down Memory Lane: Dance 360 [Video]
I can remember Hip Hop group Onyx being one of my favorite rap groups, and Kel Mitchel being my favorite out of Kenan & Kel.
After this show came out I would run home everyday after school and make sure to turn my television to now defunct network UPN.
The true essences of hip hop is having a message staying positive and holding nothing back.
But sometimes you just have to let go and have fun, and just act straight up silly sometimes.
This is where the art of freestyling comes in.
The Notorious B.I.G’s Death (News Coverage)
In case you didn't know today is the 16 year death anniversary of the Notorious BI.G.
Whether you loved him or hated him you definitely could not deny his talent.
One of the most fascinating things to me was his charisma and how everyone from women to other well known rappers just flocked to him.
His a…
Issa-Santa Clause In the Hood
One of the things I like about the Christmas holiday are all of the Christmas songs, the remakes and the originals. This new holiday song by Issa, easily shoots up to the top of my Christmas songs list.

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