Eminem Interviews Yelawolf On Twitter
To celebrate his album "Radioactive" debut Eminem goes on twitter and interviews Yelawolf his self.  Eminem is pulling out all the guns to back his artist. Now go grab you a copy of the album, Yippy yellar....
Interview With A One Year Old [Video]
There are only a few things in this world that really make me laugh, old people and babies! Mr. Arturo Trejo took 1/2 of that and made his 100th YouYube video with son Jose Luis.
Check out the interview with his one year old son and more of his videos by clicking on Mr. Arturo Trejo.
The Game Calls Into NightClub 937 With Ian [Video]
A few night ago we had a nice surprise over the phones and for the first time it wasn't someone calling to say "I Suck". The Game hit up Night Club 937 with Ian and chopped it up with Ian and K Dubb. The Game who's been busy working on the "R.E.D. Album" is set to release it on A…
Nicki Minaj In Allure Magazine Interview
Nicki Minaj opens up to Allure Magazine this month about everything from how many wigs she owns to being a beauty icon. Nicki will finish up her tour with Lil Wayne and head out with Britney Spears this summer and Club 93-7 has your tickets! See what Miss Minaj had to say and it you can't wait…
Drake And Nicki Interview Each Other [VIDEO]
Sway was supposed to sit down with Nicki Minaj and Drake in New Orleans at the I am Still Music Tour II, but we all know Sway doesn't do s*** so Drake took over the interview and it's actually way better than anything Sway has ever done (besides his hair) Watch Drake ask the tough, hard hi…
Jeh Mag Interview With Jon Connor [VIDEO]
The man behind the 6 O'Clock intro is Flint native Jon Connor a dear friend and amazing MC...Jon has a huge buzz on many blog sights and with his new album "Salvation" coming at the end of this month Jeh Mag came to Fli City and Connor showed em' the sites! Check out Jon …
Diddy Promises Best Tour Ever!
Diddy Dirty Money head out on a 20 city tour tomorrow and Club 93-7 will have tickets for you to win tomorrow "Ticket Text Thursday" Diddy promised this will be his best tour yet. If you wanna win tickets just be listening to Club 93-7 all day and save the Text number 66835. More o…
Lil Wayne Likes Jersey Shore
I just came across this interview with Lil Wayne where he talks about liking Jersey Shore...Now this makes me feel better about DVR'ing the show every Thursday Night!! Weezy also talks about no listening to Drake or Nicki's album. See what he had to say
Chris Brown Gets Violent After GMA Interview.
Chris Brown supposedly broke a window at the GMA studio's in Time Square after an interview with Robin Robers this morning.  He then took off out of the building with no shirt on, and was visibly upset.

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