Man Guesses ‘Donkey Punch’ on Jeopardy [Video]
I'll be 100% honest, I don't usually watch game shows that you have to be smart at to win. Jeopardy on the other hand is different, I watch that for answers like this. Who cares what the question was...the fact that his answer was 'Donkey Punch' is by far the funniest answer ever…
Jeopardy – What Is A Threesome? [Video]
I only watch Jeopardy in hope to catch funny answers like this. Check out some of my favorite moments below, and link you favorite game show moments as well. I feel like a threesome is never the wrong answer!!
Best Jeopardy Guess Of All Time [Video]
"Best" could also be swapped out with "Worst" in the title depending on who you ask!  Either way, this contestant brings up a very valid question in her answer.  What, in fact, is pussy furry?