This Russian Kid is Stronger Than You [Video]
A Russian kid demonstrates his superhuman level of strength in this video by balancing on a beam and doing head stand push ups.
I don't know if this is kid abuse or not. But this kid is on another level of strength! If I tried doing this I would break my wrist and pass out from fatigue.
12-Year-Old Faced with Life Sentence [Video]
12-year-old is faced with a life sentence in prison for murdering his 2-year-old brother.
Well damn! The justice system is getting pretty brutal! Given that this kid did murder his younger brother, but when you hear his back story you will soon find out that this kid was  psychologically damaged…
Kid Makes Music Video For His True Love Emily [Video]
True love comes in all forms and this kid wants to show his true love how much he really cares for her.
He goes by doing this by making a music video, a lip synced music video and lets just say the quality isn't there. Emily may not like this video, but the internet loves it...
Kid Pleads To Store Clerk After Getting Caught Stealing [Video]
A kid gets caught stealing at a store and pleads to the clerk not to tell his dad. This kid should have known better, you can tell by the fear in his eyes about his dad figuring out he stole.
Which begs the question. Is it better for your kids to fear you or love you? This kid is obviously terrified …
2 Year Old Can Rap All The Presidents [VIDEO]
I really don't remember what I was doing when I was 2 years old, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't rapping the Presidents...matter of fact I know I wan't because I probably can't even name 10 of them! Little Rockford Ramirez is only 2 and can rapper all the Presidents of the Unit…

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