Half Of First Marriages Won’t Last 20 Years
There are so many factors that go into a lasting marriage, but it looks like two main things stand out when finding the length the marriage will last.
A new study finds that if it is your first marriage you have about a 50% chance of it lasting 20 years, but the age you get married at also plays a fa…
What Do Women Really Think About After A Marriage Proposal?

So you've just knelt down and asked your girlfriend to become your wife, and the look on her face could say 1,000 words but you don't know what any of them are.
Thanks to a new survey by a website called tried to figure out exactly what goes through a woman's head after her boyfriend fi…
Is Jennifer Lopez Getting Married Again? Probably Not
Even though the divorce between Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony isn't quite done yet, rumors started flying around about her next wedding.
A suspicious tweet started the wild fire that JLo and her 24-year old boyfriend would be tying the knot.
Here Comes The Bride, With No Bottoms [Video]
I'm guessing that this blushing bride envisioned her big day going a little bit different than this.
Unless she really wanted to fall, tear her dress, then walk out of the hall in nothing but her underwear.
9 Couples Marry Naked in Jamaica [Video]
Would you do this on your 'Special Day?' Nine couples did, they exchanged vows au naturel in Negril, Jamaica.
The Hedonism II resort invited ten couples for the all-expense paid group ceremony. One couple dropped out before the big day, which was filmed for a documentary. Don't beli…
Interracial Marriages At An All Time High In America
One out of every twelve marriages in the U.S. right now involve an interracial couple, and that is an all time high.
The Pew study found that more than 15 percent of new marriages in 2010 were interracial.
I think this is a good sign, as race becomes less of an issue with the people of the US.
Woman Married A Building; She Calls It ‘Gay Marriage’ [Video]
A Seattle woman had a ceremony to marry her beloved building yesterday, to try and save it from demolition.
The building is a 107-year-old warehouse, and the woman and her Occupy friends have been using the building for protests.
She calls the wedding a "a gay marriage"...
10 Celebrity Marriages Shorter Than Kim Kardashian’s
Ever since the news broke on Monday that reality star Kim Kardashian was ending her marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries only 72 days after the two swapped vows, Twitter’s been all abuzz with things longer than Kim’s marriage.
But as brief as the union was, it wasn’t Hollywood&rsqu…

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