Worst Late Stoppages In MMA History [Video]
Here's a quick compilation of terrible stoppages in MMA. Mixed Marital Arts is without a doubt my favorite sport of all time, but it's not perfect and there has been some awful calls.
Top 8 Head Kick Knockouts In UFC History [Video]
Counting down the top 8 most brutal head kicks in UFC history seems like the perfect way to kick off the week!
Even if your not a fan of mixed marital arts you can still appreciate a good knockout. Especially a head kick!
62-Year-Old Man Knocks Out 24-Year-Old Man in MMA Fight [Video]
A 62-Year-Old man steps into the cage with a much younger 24-year-old fighter and actually knocks the kid out!
Two things just happened here. One, you've just seen this kids dreams of being a UFC fighter go down the drain. Second, This is a prime example of under estimating your opponent. No mat…
‘Here Comes the Boom’ a Mix of Comedy and MMA? [Video]
Kevin James stars as a teacher turned MMA fighter to raise money for his school. Kevin James is one of the funniest actors in Hollywood right now and it's awesome to see him commit to such a film while giving it a comedic twist.
Training in MMA is one of the hardest things you can do on this pla…
UFC 152 Jones Vs Belfort [Video]
Jon Jones will be defending his Light Heavyweight title this Saturday against Vitor Belfort at UFC 152. This event is wrapped up in all types of controversy especially towards the young champ. Will Jon Jones ever regain the respect of UFC fans after his decision caused the UFC to cancel a main event…
UFC 151 Canceled!
Never in 11 years has a UFC event been cancelled but due to some huge issues the event has fallen apart.
The first major thing that stopped event was that Dan Henderson got injuried. Dan tore his MCL in his leg and due to that injury he couldn't get cleared for the fight. And second and the most huge…

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