UFC 148 Silva Vs. Sonnen II [Video]
UFC 148 comes up July 7th is the most anticipated fight of the year hands down! After the devastating lost to Silva, Sonnen has been working his way back up the ladder to once again challenge the undefeated Anderson Silva.
This time Sonnen has really gotten underneath Siva's skin. I'm a big fan of Si…
MMA And Motorcross? [Video]
I've seen some wild shows in my life but I never thought MMA and Motorcross would blend together,ever! People are always finding crazy ways to make a great show.
After doing a bit more research about the event turns out all this craziness is for a reason. An awesome reason, this event raised ove…
53-Year-Old Man Beats 21-Year-Old Kid [Video]
MMA is the world's fastest growing sport and is arguably a young man's sport, but with greats like Randy Couture and old men like this guy in the video kicking ass. I'm not so sure about that statement.
It's not the fact that the guy is 53 years old. It's the fact that he too…
UFC 145 Primetime Ep 2 Jones Vs. Evans [Video]
UFC 145 Jones Vs. Evans happens this Saturday and I can't tell how much I'm anticipating this fight!  The bad blood between two former training partners has the momentum for this fight rolling and is potentially becoming the most highly talked about fight this year!
Will the seemingly invincible Jon …
UFC 145 Jones Vs. Evans [Video]
The tension between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans is growing more and more everyday. Friends turned enemies. Rashad feels like ever since Jones has gotten the title he's changed. But Jones feels like since he's had the title Rashad has been bitter. Whatever the case this is going to be an abs…
UFC On FX: Guillard Vs. Miller [Video]
The first of many fights to come for the UFC starts tonight on FX with Melvin Guillard taking on Jim Miller. Will the new home for the UFC hurt numbers? Or the best decision the UFC has ever made?
UFC 141 Recap [Video]
UFC 141 ended with Alistar Overeem as the winner via TKO in the 1st round over Brock Lesnar who is now stating that he will retire from MMA.
The co-main event was also a one sided event with Nate Diaz luring Donald Cerrone into a boxing match that he clearly could not handle.
Countdown To UFC 141: Lesnar Vs. Overeem
UFC 141 is right around the corner and two of the biggest Heavyweights in MMA are going toe to toe.  Alistar Overeem is not in the least a weakling. He is currently The StrikeForce Heavyweight Champion also The K-1 Kickboxing Champion and The Japanese Dream Champion. Brock Lesnar is not...
Countdown to UFC 140: Jones Vs. Machida [Video]
UFC growing star Jon 'Bones' Jones defend his title for the second time against Lyoto 'The Dragon' Machida.
This is gonna be one of the most anticipated fights of the year. Will Machida regain his title? Or will Jones become the next dominate force in UFC?
One Armed Cage Fighter Wins Fight [Video]
Talk about dedication, heart and ambition this kid Nick Newell has all three. Even though he's handicapped this kid doesn't use that as an excuse to not follow his dreams.
You would think that not having a left hand or forearm would be a huge disadvantage for any body in a combat sport let …

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