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Old Man Teaches Younger Guy to Keep his Mouth Shut [Video]
A young man gets in this older guy's face and just keeps throwing insults and talking trash until this older gentleman gave him one warning, and with one swift move, shut him down.
You young cats need to learn a little respect nowadays. Or just learn how to take a punch. Either one is fine..
Old Man Beats Up Young Man [Video]
So for whatever reason this adolescent male steps to this old man and well let's just say the ability to kick ass does not fade with time.
Shout out to the geriatrics!
62-Year-Old Man Knocks Out 24-Year-Old Man in MMA Fight [Video]
A 62-Year-Old man steps into the cage with a much younger 24-year-old fighter and actually knocks the kid out!
Two things just happened here. One, you've just seen this kids dreams of being a UFC fighter go down the drain. Second, This is a prime example of under estimating your opponent. No mat…
Old Man Dances To Lil B [Video]
A old man shows us that no matter what age you are you can still like terrible music, like Lil B.
Lil has been voted by you to be the worst rapper alive and yet he still has a fan base. Why? I have no idea. Maybe all Hip-Hop music is just in the gutter...
Nothing Will Stop This Old Man From Taking The Stairs [Video]
If this doesn't put a smile on your face today, maybe you should just call in sick and go back to bed. How can you not love the fight in this old man to never give up? He's like the Lance Armstrong of the Hover Round.
Watch Grandpa do whatever it takes to make it up those stairs like a boss…
53-Year-Old Man Beats 21-Year-Old Kid [Video]
MMA is the world's fastest growing sport and is arguably a young man's sport, but with greats like Randy Couture and old men like this guy in the video kicking ass. I'm not so sure about that statement.
It's not the fact that the guy is 53 years old. It's the fact that he too…

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