Lil Wayne Gets Dropped From Pepsi
Lil Wayne gets dropped from Pepsi owned Mountain Dew after some controversial lyric's about Emmett Till.
First Rick Ross and Reebok now Wayne and Pepsi. Here's a valuable lesson kids, watch what you say.
The true essences of hip hop is having a message staying positive and holding nothing back.
But sometimes you just have to let go and have fun, and just act straight up silly sometimes.
This is where the art of freestyling comes in.
Beyonce Partners With Pepsi for $50 Million
Beyonce partners with Pepsi for $50 million dollars.  The mega superstar mom expands her brand with one of the largest beverage companies in the world.  The marketing deal will have Bey on standard commercial ads and Pepsi depositing millions of dollars on creative projects.

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