‘PETA’ Warns Women About The Dangers Of A Vegan Boyfriend [Video]
You can call the people of 'PETA' a lot of things, but prudish should never be on that list.
They've been on a roll of pushing the envelope with their campaign using celebrities going naked instead of wearing fur.
Their newest ad might be the most controversial, but funny one yet, and t…
Janet Jackson Is ‘The Grinch Of The Year’ According To PETA
Janet Jackson just signed on to be the spokesperson for 'NutriSystem' as she tries to help people live healthier.
The problem is that PETA doesn't care to much about healthy people.
PETA chose Ms. Jackson as their 'Grinch Of The Year' because she for choosing to wear animal pr…
PETA Upset With Rihanna Over Feather Dress
PETA is very upset with Rihanna and her fashion decisions. Last month Rihanna was in London promoting her fragrance Reb'L Fluer while wearing an aqua blue ostrich feather dress.