Magician Literally Loses Head for Halloween
Not content with typical card tricks or a rabbit in a hat, magician Rich Ferguson puts a spooky Halloween spin on his act by literally losing his head in front of freaked-out spectators. How in the world does he do it?
Babysitting Goes Horribly Wrong in Hilarious Prank
Although raising children is a full-time job, parents still need to blow off a little steam every now and then. But what happens when a parent indulges in several questionable adult activities while a baby is strapped to his chest? Hilarity, that's what.
Farting In The Hood Is Dangerous [Video]
Everybody farts. Its a scientific fact, but when and where you choose to fart is up to you. The guys at Sketch Empire show us why farting in the hood, might not be the best choice.
Ninja Scares People On The Street [Video]
This ninja uses his years of combat training to scare random people on the street, which in my opinion is well worth it.
I'll admit some of this stuff wouldn't fly in most places. I wouldn't advise for any ninja to come to Flint. Ninja's get shot around here...
Strongest Little Girl In The World Prank [Video]
A little girls shows off her strength in a prank that had people looking shocked!
The gag was simple. Fill two buckets with real pennies and the other two with a fake top and sprinkle only a handful on top.
This made for some hilarious reactions when the adults trying to help the little girl struggled…
Pilot Pretends To Faint Prank [Video]
A airplane pilot seizes the moment to scare the hell out of his passenger by pretending to faint!
This prank makes me wanna go spend 3 grand to get a pilot's license just so I can pretend to faint and freak everybody the hell out! Kudo's to you my friend, this was awesome...

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