Rap Battle

Batman vs Superman: Rap Battle [Video, NSFW]
We are all aware and excited to for the release of the new Batman vs Superman movie in the spring of 2016. So as we all await for this joyous day, us non comic book readers have to sit and guess who would win this epic battle.
Anubis vs Xcel [Video]
No matter what you do in Hip Hop, eventually somebody is going to test you.
And how you respond/react will determine how much of a success you will be.
Cassidy-Diary Of A Hustla (Meek Mill Diss) [Audio]
The one thing I like about Hip Hop is battle rapping from 2pac, Ice Cube, UTFO, LL Cool J.
But one of the hands down best battle rappers is Philadelphia's very own Cassidy.
Angered after challenging another Philadelphia artist and Rick Ross' partner in rhyme Meek Mill, and not getting a resp…
Supa Hot Fire & Mute Spittah VS Chunk Dirty [Video]
The champ of rap battles Supa Hot Fire teams up with Mute Spittah to take on some new challengers.
With his perfect record of 639,375,236 wins Supa Hot Fire is in a league of his own. Just remember one thing, He's not a rapper...
Chris Rock Joins ‘The Rap Battle’ [Video]
The first time we heard of my man Supa Hot Fire was when B.o.B was in the studio and showed us 'The Rap Battle'. If you've never sat down and watched this, then you are in for a real treat.
Chris Rock aka 'Tremendous' makes an apperance as the challenger in Part 4 of 'Th…

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