Ryan Seacrest to Produce White Female Rapper Show
Ryan Seacrest may not have any hip-hop credentials, but that's not stopping him from working on his latest endeavor. The television host and radio personality will be behind 'Girls in the Game,' an upcoming reality television show focused on the struggles of white female rappers.
10 Things Hip-Hop Can’t Live Without
Hip-hop has grown beyond what it was at its core in the 1970s. These days, the genre is a multi-million dollar empire. It's a multi-faceted industry full of rappers from all walks of life: from the "nerd rap" of folks like Kansas' XV to the super commercialized song-rap o…
Sh*t Rappers Say [Video]
I promise,  this will be the last one of these videos that I feature on the site, but this one is just too good to miss!
The Rappers Spelling Bee [Video]
Oh snap it's here, the Rapper Spelling Bee! Someone actually sat down and put together 30 years of Hip-Hop lyrics from A-Z. How many rappers/songs can you name from this video? It's pretty hard, I only knew Queen Latifah and that's because she spell UNITY!
Check out the video below to …

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