Santa Claus

Santa Claus Is A Regular Guy [Video]
Santa's a regular guy, who stumbles onto a new internet meme. Click the crap outta Santa. If we go viral we'll use scripts next time!
Merry Christmas from the Know You Film team. It's our first web project. Hope you find it as fun to watch as it was to make. Let us know what you thin…
‘Santa Claus’ – A Brief History [Video]
Ever wonder why 'Santa Claus' is the face of Christmas around the world?
I think we all know that it didn't actually start out that way, so how did our jolly old elf turn into the icon he is today?
Five Things You Didn’t Know About Mall Santas
Being a 'Mall Santa' seems like it would be an easy enough job right? You sit in a comfy chair and get adored by kids all day long, right? WRONG! Being a 'Mall Santa' most of the time means 12 hour work days with very limited breaks. Dealing with unru