Snow Shovel Theft Does Not Pay [Video]
I think it was 2pac who said, "Revenge is the sweetest joy next to gettin' cupcakes".  (close enough)  That's what makes the video below so great.  We get to watch a man exact his revenge on a cold blooded criminal from the warmth of our own computer monito…
Three Words: Don’t Do This
Winter driving sucks.  Winter driving sucks even more when there is someone there to video tape it for the world to see.  It just so happens that we have the video below.
Amazing Blizzard Video
We all know that a blizzard equals a lot of snow.  It's still amazing to watch the snow pile up in this time lapse video below.  Watching this will make you happy that you live in Michigan . . . sort of.
Metrodome Roof Collapse, Game Being Played In Detroit
The Metrodome roof in Minnesota collapsed due to all of the heavy snow but the Vikings loss is Detroits gain!  Watch the video below and then check out how this means FREE tickets to see some great football on Monday night below.