Nothing like an ice, sleet, snow, freezing rain roller coaster to make you wish you lived in warmer climates, right? Turns out, Genesee County Road Commission planned ahead -- and spent big money -- to make sure we're prepared for these moments.

How much does Genesee County spend to salt the roads?

Just how much Did Genesee County Road Commission spend on salt this year?  GCRC Communications Coordinator, Kylie Dontje, told me they've budgeted salt for the county's purposes at $1,515,000.00 for the 2022-2023 winter season.  Inflation impacts tons of salt differently than table salt, but it still adds up.  Last year it was $61.86...this year $62.08 per 2,000lbs or 1 TON of salt.  So, we're not exactly talking about the amount on the rim of your favorite margarita glass!

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That total might seem like a drop in Mott Lake compared to the combined Maintenance and Road Projects budget lines which add up to $100,790,980 for 2022.  Of course, that number includes road construction projects, too.  Remember, Genesee County, Flint, Davison, Flushing, Fenton, Grand Blanc and every other city & township in the county also pay for their own salt.  As residents -- our paid taxes pay for a LOT of winter.

It isn't just salt, of course.  Each of the aforementioned municipalities pay wages, including overtime in awful snowstorms and vehicle maintenance, too!

Next time you hear anyone complain about the price of gas, groceries, government taxes, etc... consider whether you'd like to have salted, passable roads or shovel your way to each destination!  This is one area I'm glad the county hasn't cut in the budget line.  Otherwise, we'd be stuck in igloos... I mean our cars on I-69, I-75, US-23 and I-475 for most of the winter!

Check out people making the most out of ice, snow and winter in Michigan.


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