Gary Owen Does Stand Up
Gary Owen has been around for almost 20 years doing stand up. He first got his big break on BET's comedy show Comic View. Owen found his niche when he start catering to mostly black audiences and he is still following that niche to this day. Since his debut to the Stand Up comedy world Gary has…
Hannibal Burress Doing Stand Up [Video, NSFW]
I have recently heard of Hannibal Buress, but he has  been making some noise in the entertainment field since 2010.
In case you didn't know if some one can make me laugh then I automatically will like you. I don't know why but that is just how I am.
Aziz Ansari Doing Stand Up Comedy [Video, NSFW]
Stand-Up Comedy is probably my favorite form of comedy.
Even though it may look easy, just standing up walking around on a stage, telling jokes and making people laugh for at most an hour, I am positive there is a very intricate science to this art.
Dave Chappelle Bombs On Stage In Hartford [Video]
Dave Chappelle bombs in front of a hostile crowd in Hartford, Connecticut. What should have a 25 minutes of great comedy turned into more of a sad story of how Dave regrets walking away from his infamous 50 million dollar deal.
Kevin Hart ‘Let Me Explain’ Movie Teaser [Video]
Kevin Hart is set to release yet another stand up classic in the making called 'Let Me Explain'.
With the wildly successful release of 'Laugh at my Pain' Kevin Hart is without a doubt the hottest comedian on the planet. Will his new release live up to the hype? Yup..
Katt Williams Attacks Audience Member With Mic [Video]
During a live show Katt Williams walks off stage into his crowd and hits an audience member with his microphone!
Just last week Katt slapped a Target employee and announced his retirement after being being kicked out of a hotel. Since then he has came out of retirement and is back putting his hands o…
Katt Williams Has A New Stand-Up [Video]
Katt Williams is set to release a new stand up called Kattacalypse this September 18th.
If your a fan of Katt Williams then you may be just as confused as me right now. I could remember Katt Williams saying that he retired a while back. I'm not mad that hes back, I'm just slightly confused.…
Comedian Destroys Heckler [Video]
A comedian gets fed up with a group of people talking on the side of the stage and decides to let them have it.
Here's a friendly reminder never heckle a person with a microphone, especially if their a comedian. It will always end  bad..
Deray Davis ‘Power Play’
Deray Davis will be preforming live at the Dow Event Center coming up on may 12th and we have tickets!
So I decided to go back and pull up some of his stand up footage so you can get a taste of things to come.
Chris Hampton’s First Stand Up [Video]
Local Flint comedian Chris Hampton known for his Youtube videos steps into the realm of stand up for the first time.
Keep track of Chris and his rise as a comedian and potentially becoming the funniest thing to come out of Flint.
Dave Chappelle ‘Man Rape’ [Video]
Dave Chappelle talks about a serial man rapist in the Houston area and how serious it is.
Leave it to Dave to make it hilarious. I'm glad to see Dave doing his thing. Ever since the whole leaving the stage incident things have been a bit weird.
I still love Dave Chappelle and I hope he drops more…

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