Hurricane Sandy Spinning Toward East Coast
New York, New Jersey and other coastal states announced evacuations of citizens living in low-lying coastal areas on Sunday, as Hurricane Sandy and an accompanying storm surge threatened the East Coast of the United States.
‘Frankenstorm’ Is Heading For the East Coast [Video]
'Frankenstorm' is coming for the east coast of the United States, and this 'superstorm' is expected to cause over a billion dollars in damage by the time it's done!  So what is causing 'Frankenstorm'?  I'm glad you asked because a smart guy is here t…
Insane Baseball Size Hail Storm Hits Hard [Video]
People always exaggerate the size of hail stones after a storm, and it's nearly impossible to call them out since they usually melt so quickly.  I don't think anyone will dispute the size of these boulders falling from the sky.