Sunday Spotlight

810 Local Flow Winner Of April TJA
Winner of the 810 Local Flow of April TJA Stops into the studio for his exclusive interview on the Sunday Night Spotlight.
His winning track "Floor Falls" beat out the competition. Make sure you check him out and get to know your upcoming local artist.
Sunday Night Spotlight Ft. Nok G [Video]
Winner of the 810 Local Flow of December Nok G stops into the studio for his Spotlight.
Pulling ahead of the pack Nok G survives the local flow battle with his track 'It's Alright'.
Club 93.7’s Sunday Spotlight [Sunday 11-20]
This week on the Sunday Spotlight you have a chance to win some new music, if you know some old music.
Your chance comes on the second song of the show, 'Rocketman' from Mike Posner.  Listen shortly after 8 to find out how to win!
Club 93.7’s Sunday Spotlight [Sunday 11-13]
This week, things get ugly on the Sunday Spotlight as Clay, Ian and LV talk about paying for music.  The whole argument starts when Clay admits that he won't buy a CD if he has already downloaded it (legally or illegally).
LV swears by pre-ordering music he wants, and Ian says he will buy his favorit…
Club 93.7’s Sunday Spotlight [Sunday 11-6]
This Sunday we welcomed the October 810 Local Flow winner 'Berzerk' in the studio for his Spotlight.
We also get into a little GTA argument, so if you are fan of the game log onto our Facebook and help us out a little.
Here are the tracks we played this week.
Club 93.7’s Sunday Spotlight [Sunday 10-30]
Sunday Spotlight
Check out new music from Club 93.7 Monster Jam performers, New Boyz this week!
L.V. and Ian hold down things on the Sunday Spotlight because Clay is late.
How late?
We'll let's just say if you tune in between 8:50 and 9 you might hear him
Club 93.7’s Sunday Spotlight [Sunday 10-22]
Every week we collect new music and other songs that fly under the radar and put them together for you.
We always have people calling and asking for the title and artist of some of the songs that we played, or telling us how dumb we are for something we said.
We decided to give you a spot to find all …
Sunday Spotlight #1 [Video]
Sunday spotlight goes down every Sunday with your favorite jocks and if you missed it live on then catch it here.
Special guest Big John winner of the 810 local Flow of August drops in for an exclusive interview to talk about his music and how he got started.
Also check out his REALLY …