Candy Thief Gets Tackled By Police [Video]
Phoenix police had an odd situation on their hands when they were called to arrest a candy thief.
They cornered the "Bit-o-Honey Bandit" on top of a roof when the sugar high must have gone to his brain.
Watch as he tries to make a run for it before getting crunched by the police.
TV Thief Fail [Video]
This guy shows you how NOT to steal a tv. Now I'm not an expert on stealing things, but I'm pretty sure it can't be that complicated.This guy on the other hand didn't really take his time on this one.
I love fail video's. Fail videos never fail to show how stupid people reall…
Bike Thief Chops Down A Tree To Steal Bike [Video]
I don't know much about bikes, but I hope that this bike is worth a lot of money.  It really doesn't matter though, because with the amount of effort this man puts into chopping down the tree could have easily walked to his destination.  Watch this story of determination, and hea…
Robber Drops Beer And Pants [Video]
Deciding to become a robber is never a good idea.  Dropping all the beer you have just stolen, and having your pants fall down in the process just makes you dumb.  The only really surprising part about this video is that the police still have not caught this tactful thief.  Watch the …