Bully [Trailer]
In my book 'Bully' is probably one of the most important films of the year.  This movie jumps deep into the worldwide epidemic that's plaguing our youth, which is bullies.
This is a real problem and it happens everyday. We as parents need to address this problem head on and stop i…
‘The Avengers’ Awesome Movie Trailer [Video]
What happens when you mix Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Samuel Jackson to save the world? You get either the Avengers or the biggest waste of movie money and time, and only time will tell what will happen.
So the story goes something like this. There's a big bad threat to the world and Sa…
The Amazing SpiderMan Trailer [Video]
So the amazing Spiderman just released a new trailer.  Can they really re-spark your interest into this fading series?  Who really cares?!
Well I know there are some big Spiderman fans out there and they were looking foward to this trailer, but I feel that is lacking in the most important c…
The Dark Night Rises Official Trailer [Video]
The third installment of the Dark night is right around the corner, just released is a small teaser trailer that's leaving people unsatisfied.
With such a great movie to follow up on will Dark Night Rises meet up to the expectations? Probably not, but still 9 times out of 10 your gonna go and see it.
Will Smith’s Big Trailer Causes Fuss! [Video]
Will Smith is currently filming for Men In Black 3 in New York. The citizens in the area in which they are filming are not happy for a particular reason. That is Will Smith's 2 story high trailer that is bigger than the Club 93.7 station. He has all types of cool things inside it. They're …
Transformers 3 – Dark Of The Moon – Trailer [Video]
Transformers 3 released it's first official trailer last night during the NFL Draft, and nerds everywhere rejoiced.  Don't get me wrong, I was one of the nerds who watched it on TV then ran to the computer to see it again.  I was so skeptical about turning this iconic cartoon int…

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