Bride Gets Punched in the Face by Cops [Video]
A massive brawl breaks out at a wedding with cops in Philadelphia that resulted in the bride getting punched in the face.
Three people were taken into custody and 1 person died  due to an heart attack. What a great way to spend your wedding day.
Bouquet Wedding Toss Fail [Video]
I thought this was pretty epic...when I was shooting it I thought she dove for it but now it's pretty obvious that she tripped haha..
At a wedding in Niagara Falls, Canada this weekend.   She went from being so close to holding that hopeful bouquet to winding up on the floor, flowerless.
Michigan Wedding Party Goes For A Swim [Video]
A bride, groom and their entire wedding party fell into Gun Lake in Michigan after the dock broke away and sank.
Take note at who the first person out of the water is . . . might not bode well for the marriage.
First Ever Wedding Shot In 3D [Video]
The world's first ever wedding video to be shot using state-of-the-art 3D cameras took place in Montecito, California. It was captured using the same equipment as Peter Jackson has been using in "The Hobbit"-- and "Ridley Scott" used to film Prometheus.
Brides Are Updating Their Facebook Status Before The Reception
The time between the wedding ceremony and the reception is traditionally time to get pictures, but Facebook conscious brides might be changing the routine.
A new survey shows that 49% of brides admit that they are changing their Facebook relationship status between the ceremony and the reception of t…

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