Justin Timberlake hosted the Season Finale of Saturday Night Live over the weekend with musical guest Lady Gaga. JT is known for his looks and pop star talent, but more importantly he's a funny ass dude! Yes, I think I have a man crush on Justin...who doesn't? Here are my Top 5 Justin Timberlake skits from SNL. Watch the entire season finale of SNL with JT and Lady Gaga and check out my Top 5!

Let's start with my Number 5 favorite JT SNL Skit..it was part of last week's episode. The game show "What's That Name"

Number 4 has to be "The Target Lady"..just watch it!

Number 3 this could be in the top two, but it's not it's "D**k In A Box"

Number 2 is another Digital Short from last weeks finale with Andy Samberg & Lady Gaga "3-Way"

And my Number 1 JT SNL skit is...without a doubt the "Barry Gibbs Talk Show"