Top five reasons why you hate driving in Flint should be take serious but allow you to laugh a little bit.  Every day we have to get into our cars, trucks, SUVs, or whatever we call our modes of transportation.  While driving in Flint you could easily get upset about your experience.  If anyone ever decides to move to Flint or get their drivers license, please read below. 

It seems as if the driving experience in Flint will help you become unhappy and even sometimes upset.  I know we don't need anything else to make us aggressive and to be less focus on the road.  However, it happens and I will give the top five reasons why you hate driving in Flint.  Honestly, some of the points below will upset dearly.  Check them out.

#5. People staring into your car while they're walking


We have all experienced that moment where someone is walking and your are at the stop light.  For some reason they are distracted by you and your vehicle.  So much so that the person walking stares at you until you pull off. I wondered why we look back at them so long to notice they're staring at us.  I could to find out we are wondering they're upset they're walking and will carjack us.  Its a safety move but I don't like it.

#4. Songs that you don't like being played really loud

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I get the car audio community.  However when I am driving to church I really don't listening to your friend music turned all the way up.  Speakers are vibrating my car and drowning out my Kirk Franklin.  C'mon man!

#3. Miller Rd between Ballenger Hwy and Linden Rd during holidays and tax season

Johannes Simon, Getty Images News

The amount of traffic backup on Miller Road during those times of the year is ridiculous.  Why hasn't anyone come up with a way to divert the traffic?  Seriously.

#2. People walking in the streets instead of using the side walk


Truthfully, this really irritates me to no end.  How does it make sense to walk in the street where vehicles are driving and think that is okay?  Last time I checked, vehicles can do harm to someone's body if they both meet in a unfavorable circumstance.

#1. Pot holes

Tree Riddle, Townsquare Media

Everyone will agree that the pot holes in Flint are ridiculous.  You can't drive anywhere in Flint and have a smooth experience with the road. It seems as if the roads are fights us every mile.

There you have it, the top five reasons why you hate driving in Flint.  It wasn't that hard to make this list because we experience several of those issues on a daily.  If you will take all of five seconds, you could easily add to the list.

What are some of the things you dislike about driving in Flint?