Tyga is being blamed for a of crowd 1200 angry fans destroying the World Beat Center in San Diego, CA.  Tyga was suppose to show up for the show which sold  tickets and fans got really upset once they found out he wasn't showing up.  Fans destroyed the floor, walls, and everything in between.  It was so bad the police were called to break up the crazy fans.

It all went down on January 6th ... when hundreds of teenagers packed into the World Beat Center in San Diego after buying tickets to a Tyga show.

A rep for the WBC tells us Tyga bailed on the show without warning ... and when the crowd realized he wasn't coming, they went BERSERK -- completely trashing the place.

We're told private security tried to break up the madness, but it was too insane ... so they called the San Diego PD for backup.

The SDPD tells us 12 officers were dispatched to the scene -- who eventually cleared everyone out and restored order.