Jazelle Hysko is only 10 years old but she's working to make sure everyone stays warm as the winter months approach.

Jazelle decided last year to collect blankets for the homeless, and partnered with Carriage Town Ministries to help distribute them. When Jazelle started to run with the idea, nobody in her family knew how many blankets to expect. Everyone was shocked (in a good way) when Jazelle and her family collected nearly 550 blankets!

Jazelle partnered with Samuels Blankets for the blanket drive. Samuel also started a blanket drive for the homeless about 7 years ago, and has helped get others started doing the same.

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The first year of Jazelle's blanket drive happened during the pandemic, so nobody knew what to expect. I think that's why everyone was so surprised when she was able to collect more than 500 blankets.

Now that things are returning a little bit closer to normal, Jazelle has raised her goal for 2021. She hopes to collect 800 or more blankets by November 7th. The blankets will be distributed to those in need with the help of Carriage Town Ministries in Flint.

If you would like to donate blankets, hats, gloves, or other warm weather needs,  you can drop off any donation to Carriage Town Ministries in Downtown Flint. If you would like to buy a blanket directly, you can go to the fundraisers Amazon portal here, or by clicking the picture below.


I can't say enough about the entire Hysko family for what they've already done to help those in need. Jazelle is at the forefront of this fundraiser, but we all know that it takes an entire village to make something great like this happen. Her parents have worked hard to help get the word out, and her older sister produced the video on Facebook that you can watch above. You can listen to our interview with Jazelle and her dad below

Sometimes it feels like we might be too small to make a big difference, but Jazelle and her family are proof that kindness grows faster than anyone expects. So if you want to do something good for others, don't wait, do it now and I bet others will join you.

We want to say thank you to Jazelle for her efforts to help others by awarding her with the Dort Financial Credit Union & Cars 108 "Cars Community Kids" award. She will get a Visa gift card from Dort Financial to use however she likes.

If you would like to nominate a kid that is going above and beyond to be a Cars Community Kid, just click here and tell us why.

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