Today marks the 1,000th day that residents in Flint have been without clean drinking water, despite most of America thinking that the Flint Water Crisis is over.

Ask anyone living in Flint if the crisis is over, and they'll most likely show you the thousands of empty plastic water bottles that they've been forced to use.

Cooking, bathing, drinking, and anything else water is used for has been a struggle for everyone in Flint.

April 25th, 2014 is when officials in Flint decided to switch to the Flint River as a primary water source.  Then, through a comedy of errors, the Flint Water Crisis was born.  The city has since switched back to Detroit water, but the problems are far from over.

To raise awareness that the Flint Water Crisis is very much still an ongoing tragedy, we are selling shirts to commemorate the 1,000th day.

Hilton Screeners
Hilton Screeners

Proceeds from the shirt sales will go to the United Way of Genesee County's Flint Water Fund.

If you would like to order a T-shirt for yourself, you can order directly from Hilton Screeners by clicking here.

We do have limited sizes available at our studios as well.  You can call (810) 715-4100 to see if we have your size in stock.

The main goal is to make it known that the people here in Flint still cannot drink the water coming from their tap.  Despite being forced to pay for the tainted water, everyone still has to have a filter or use bottled water.

Most important of all, if you hear someone regard the Flint Water Crisis  as "Over", PLEASE take a second to educate them. This is far from over, and Flint still needs all the help we can get.

Thank you to Pat & AJ from Cars 108 for spearheading this initiative.

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