On my recent road trip to Delaware (don't ask), I noticed that Ohio has a new welcome sign that replaces the appropriately generic "Welcome to Ohio" with "Ohio -- find it here." After laughing out loud for a few minutes, I decided to come up with some more accurate slogans for the Buckeye State.

The country is pretty divided right now. Probably more so than I've seen in my 38 years of life. Even in Michigan, there are stark divisions between us based on our beliefs and personal politics. The one thing we Michiganders can agree on, however, is that Ohio can suck it. Hard.

That's why as I drove past their new welcome sign at the border on 23 South near Toledo for the first time, I was blown away. The audacity these clowns have to say "find it here." Find what there? A bunch of tolls and 55mph speed limits? Cops parked every three miles with their radar guns drawn? No thank you.

Driving through Ohio is boring as hell, and their welcome sign should reflect as much. Since the current one does not accurately represent what you're about to experience, I made a few that fit the state a little better.

Alternate Slogans for Ohio's New Welcome Sign

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