Tuesday nights Battle Creek City Commission meeting was more of a celebration than a typical meeting as Mayor Behnke presented proclamations. One of those proclamations in honor of Kellogg's 114 years in the "Cereal City".

Of the occasion, Battle Creek city Mayor Mark Behnke had this to say;

Congratulations, Tony and the Kellogg Company. One Hundred Fourteen (114) years of being located in the Battle Creek community. Thanks to the Kellogg Company and employees for their commitment and dedication to the Battle Creek community. Mr. Kellogg created a vision of a Global company by creating quality products for a healthier world. Thanks for all the sponsorships and contributions that you make to our Cereal City. You continue to help strengthen Battle Creek for future generations!

Other proclamations made were "March for Meals Month" as well as "Transit Team Appreciation Day".

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