Although using acronyms in the place of album titles is nothing new in hip-hop, it's being done more now than ever before. It's as if almost every major album or mixtape that comes out is now abbreviated in the form of an acronym. If you look back over the past year alone, many of the top albums are not even referred to in full -- just think TLOP for The Life of Pablo.

After a host of name changes for his seventh studio album -- four to be exact -- Kanye West finally settled on TLOP. Not immediately revealing what the title actually meant at first, 'Ye left it up to fans to guess the title before revealing it in full -- with a pair of Yeezy's promised to those who guessed correctly. The challenge literally broke the internet garnering an overload of feedback via social media -- XXL even indulged in the madness.

While it was obvious that Kanye was merely trying to attach some mystery to the project by holding back information, he unknowingly created an acronym for the album that many couldn't get out of their brains. To this day, many fans refer to The Life of Pablo as TLOP based off of Kanye's initial introduction.

Over the years, many albums have experienced similar fates -- MMLP2 and IYRTITL, just to name a few. In the gallery above, check out some of the most popular acronyms created in place of album titles.

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