I'm willing to bet Snyder really didn't think about the repercussions and hateful tweets he would get in return by announcing its 'Lead Poison Awareness Week'

This is why having an excellent public relations person is key when you are a political figure. As if you didn't already know, the Flint Water Crisis is still going on. Nothing has really been done other than a lot of talk and not a lot of action. Thousands of people are still dealing with the crisis daily, but hey at least Snyder let everyone know via Twitter that it's 'Lead Poision Awareness Week', right?

Synder went to twitter to announce that he has teamed up with Lt. Governor of Michigan, Brian Calley were doing what they cna to spread the word on lead poisoning!

As expected, things didn't exactly go as planned. Here's some of my favorite responses from the twitter-verse...

I really hope Snyder isn't so stupid that he thought tweeting about Lead Poisoning Awareness Week was going to have positive results, but then again with his track record of stupidity are we really shocked at all anymore?


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