Maddy Blythe is a 12 year old girl that is good at football, but her Christian private school in Georgia decided that playing football wasn't something that girls should be doing.

Seriously, the schools administrators kicked her off the team for being a girl!

It's not like Maddy was just some charity case that was on the team to get attention.  She is good!  She has recorded 5 sacks on the season so far, and had hopes of playing high school football.

According to the CEO of the school, the reason that Maddy couldn't play is that boys have lustful thoughts and bad language and cited the Bible.

Maddy and her mom are rightfully outraged and have taken their story to Facebook with a page called 'Let Her Play'.  After you watch the story, take a minute to show Maddy some support, along with any little girl who wants to do something she loves.


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