Asking someone to do something, "Like A Girl" will draw a two types of reactions, and after you watch this video, you'll immediately know which one of them is correct.

This message hits me hard, considering I have a five year old daughter.  The thought that her confidence is most likely going to be tested by these same stereotypes, is insane to me.

I try to teach her that she is just as smart, fast, strong and able as any boy out there . . . then I put her in a dress and tell her not to get dirty.  The built in assumptions start in the home and sometimes find their way into our daughters heads because of things we unintentionally say or do.

I absolutely LOVE the part of this video where they ask the young girl what she thinks it means to "run like a girl."

"It means, run as fast as you can.

Not run with your arms and legs flailing all over the place!  It means R-U-N.  The same definition as it would be for a boy.

I'm going to try and do a better job, everyday of making sure that my little girl grows up with the confidence she has now, and I hope all of the other parents do too.  You can see what the #LikeAGirl campaign is all about here.



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