A 12 year-old kid in Williams Township, MI though it would be funny to stick up the cashier at a gas station while his mom was pumping gas. Well the charges he's facing isn't so funny.

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Source: Mlive.com

At 1:33 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 1, Bay County Sheriff's deputies responded to an attempted robbery call at the Speedway gas station at 4950 S. Garfield Road in Williams Township. The clerk told deputies a boy had entered the store and drawn what appeared to be a gun, Sheriff Troy R. Cunningham said.


"The boy told the clerk, 'This is a stickup. Give me all your money,'" Cunningham said. As the clerk began gathering the cash, the boy set the apparent gun on the countertop, said he was just joking, and walked to an ATM, the sheriff said.


These kids nowadays are bad as hell. There is no way I would've made it outta that situation alive as a child with my mom. If I would have done anything to embarrass her in a public setting, I would have been publicly executed.

Now this kid has to deal with the consequences of pretending to hold up a store. Granted I think the charges are a bit over the top. they were located at a local motel and the mom was arrested on a outstanding warrant, and the kid was thrown into the Bay County Juvenile Home.

I can't imagine the ass-whooping this kid is gonna get after getting his mom arrested. R.I.P kiddo...

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