The more you dig into Michigan, the more cool things you find out about it.

The amount of talent that has come from this great state is incredible. Today we are going to focus on the world of comedy and showcase just 16 comedians that were born here. Yes, I know there are way more than this, but we have to start somewhere. As always, feel free to leave your favorites in the comments.

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Now, before we get going, let me clarify some of the criteria I used for this list. First of all, all of the entrants that you will see below were actually born in Michigan. Before I get beat up in the comments, I'm well aware of the impact that Tim Allen has had on Michigan. He's the voice of the #PureMichigan campaign and who could forget Home Improvement? But the fact of the matter is that Tim Allen was born in Denver, Colorado. So don't yell at me in the comments, I had to draw the line somewhere.

Second, when I use the term comedians, I didn't just narrow it down to stand-up comedians only. All of the entries below have solidified their name in the comedy world, whether it be on stage or in TV or movie comedies. For example, Terry Crews. He is not a stand-up comedian but is still a comic in my book with all the work he has done.

When all of that said, I look forward to your comments, corrections, and smack talk about this list. Enjoy.

Source: Wikipedia

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