If you drive an electric vehicle, you will start to see a few new charging stations pop up around the state.

A grant just shy of $450 thousand will provide the money needed to add 18 more charging station throughout the state. Unfortunately none of the stations will be located in Genesee County, but a few of them are close. The money will be used to build six new charging stations, and finish three that have already been started according to MidMichiganNow.

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Let's just get this out there first . . . Who knew that electric car charging stations were so expensive?!?!

According to the press release from the Michigan EGLE, the stations cost more than $70k per station. I'm not sure if that means per charger, or a station with multiple chargers, but either way, that's a lot of money!

The new stations will be placed in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Indian River, Marlette, Marshall, Mt. Pleasant, Owosso, and Northville. There are no locations listed in Genesee County for this round of grant money, but there are definitely more stations to come.

This is the number one thing holding back the mass rollout of electric vehicles. Automakers can make them appealing on the looks and price side of things, but if people feel like it's a hassle to get the car charged, they won't buy them. To put it in perspective, think about how many gas stations there are right now. That will eventually need to be what charging stations look like. I think we will get there, but it will definitely take a while.


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