Over the weekend Michigan was pounded with snow. Its crazy to think that last week there wasn't any snow on the ground and this week some spots in Michigan are now seeing 24+ inches on the ground.

With the first official snow fall comes all the drivers who magically forgot how to operate a vehicle during the winter months. I decided to best way to fix this issue is to whine about it in a lengthy article that surely won't fix anything....or will it? Here's 5 mistakes we can all stop making to keep Michigan roads safer.

5. Getting On The Michigan Roads Without Auto Insurance.

First of all before we even talk about actually driving lets go over this mistake.  I get it, auto insurance cost in Michigan is insane, but you getting on the roads with no insurance means if you hit someone you're not only going to get a ticket, but also have to pay drivers responsibilities fees, liable for any injuries, and you're probably going to get sued. Thus why having auto insurance in Michigan is so crucial. The reason why auto insurance is so high is because of all the people that don't have insurance and because Michigan sucks when it comes to auto insurance.

4. Riding Directly Behind A Plow Truck.

I've actually witnessed people lose windshields over following too close to a plow truck. Do yourself a favor and stay 20-30 feet back while behind a plow truck. They are pouring this thing called salt on the road, and sometimes chunks of salt, rocks, and ice like to bounce from the plow truck into your pretty little windshield.

3. Passing When There's More Than 6 Inches On The Ground

I know, you really want to get home so you can lay around, watch football, and complain about how bad it is snowing, but in case you didn't know everyone on the road has somewhere they want to be too. I don't care if you're driving a Prius or a Monster Truck, passing while it is snowing or while there is 6+ inches of snow on the ground (I personally don't pass when there is even an inch of snow on the ground) doesn't mean you should pass someone who is driving 10 miles under the speed limit.

2. Thinking You're A Total Badass Because You Have A 4x4 Truck 

Speaking of big monster trucks that think they own the road, just because you have your Ford F-5000 with your Trump 'Make America Great Again' sticker and your big tires doesn't mean you can ride my bumper and think I'm going to go faster.  If anything I'm going to slow down because your headlights are blinding me. What most 4x4 drivers don't realize is 4-wheel-drive may be able to get you through 12-inches of snow on the ground, it doesn't stop ice and it doesn't stop you from causing an accident because you think having a truck makes you a bad ass that can drive like an idiot.

1. Not Keeping A Safe And Proper Distance Between You And The Vehicle Ahead Of You.

This is pretty self explanatory, but most don't follow this rule until its too late and they're stuck in a ditch or in an accident. I suggest keeping a 5-second distance between you and the car ahead of you. That usually (if going the correct speed limit) will give you plenty of time to brake and not cause an accident. Next time you're driving look at an object that the car ahead of you is passing and count five seconds, that's how far you should be behind the car in front of you.

There you go, 5 easy mistakes Michigan drivers make that if all Michiganders stopped making the roads would be a safer place. Happy driving!