Ever wanted to know more about your favorite celebrity?? Drizzy sat down and let his fans in on 5 things you may not know about the Young Money rapper...check em out

1. He was humbled watching Jay-Z perform last year

Drake said that seeing Jay-Z come on stage right after he performed "Best I Ever Had," made him feel "like a small little child." He said: "I looked down at myself and I was wearing like a pink sweater and some cargo pants and Jay-Z came out in the nastiest black outfit and shut the stadium down. It was humbling. You still have a long way to go, but it was great."

2. His dream collaboration is Sade and Andre 3000

Teaming up with Sade and Andre is an ideal match for Drake, who said he's "fighting to make that happen." He said: "Both of them are hard to find, actually. I think it's possible. If it happens, I think it would be legendary. That's my ideal. That's my one that I'm waiting on."

3. He frequently sings about love even if it mystifies him

Drake said: "I feel like I've said 'I love you' but I don't know if I understand it yet. I write about it and I try and make sense of it, but I'm not really sure. I thought I would by now, but maybe it's not meant for me to understand yet."

4. Judd Apatow and Michael Cera are his favorite Hollywood stars

Drake: "Basically, I'm a fan of the Judd Apatow comedies. I love to laugh. I'll watch 40-Year-Old Virgin, Superbad, Juno - anything with Michael Cera. I really like when I go to the movies for it be an experience where I can enjoy myself."

5. He doesn't think he's photogenic

Drake tends to "cringe" when he sees his own pictures. He said: "I feel like I photograph different from the way I actually look. That's just something I come to the realization. When I catch photographs, I just look, like, real old or something. People see me in person and say casually, 'Oh, you look better in person.' "