R.Kelly's Brother Carey admits on a radio show that him and R.Kelly were molested as kids by their older sister. Jeez...

Things from the past are starting to rear it's ugly head in the Kelly household, especially with R.Kelly being the topic of conversation everywhere. If you haven't seen the docuseries "Surviving R.Kelly" I highly suggest you do before diving further into this topic.

Now part of me at glance thought this was a chess move. With the world on R.Kelly's back right now I would expect his team to putting together a plan to contain the madness. So using old childhood stories of abuse is a good strategy to draw in sympathy point's for R.Kelly's team. But, please don't take this as me being mean. I do feel bad for his brother and the horrible things that happened to them as kids. But, I also understand the public and legal game when it comes to protecting your image.

Terrible childhood or not, R.Kelly is officially under investigation and it's only a matter of time before we see him it trial, again..

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