50 Cent hopped on social media today to address the attack of an Australian street painter who has created countless mash-up murals of Fif as other public figures.

On Wednesday afternoon (May 20), the 44-year-old rapper responded to artist Lushsux's claims that he was beaten for creating the artwork he made of 50 Cent. Fif denounces any connection to the incident that took place sometime this month. In an Instagram post, Fif shared a message to the street artist and his fans.

"The artist got 👊in the 😆that wasn't me I didn't do that. 😠#STARZ #BMF," 50 Cent wrote in a short caption of a photo showing an unfinished mural of the rapper as Oprah Winfrey. In another post, Fif shared the finished version of the mural, sending well wishes to the street artist.

50's comments come a day after Lushsux posted a message to Instagram claiming that a group of angry people attacked him. The artist uploaded the IG post shortly after 50 Cent posted a photo of Lushsux's mural of 50 as former boxer Mike Tyson, with a caption insisting the artist needs an "ass whoppin’."

"50 seems to want some more walls?," Lushsux wrote in the IG caption. "Unfortunately, some 6 or 7 smooth brains at one time on the street already put me in hospital already this month because of this shit. I don't like to bring up all the bad stuff I have to deal with just to paint some haha funny you laugh now images on walls, but I guess now is a chance."

In other claims made in the post, the portrait painter insists that despite the several attempts made to deter him from completing his artwork, he won't be stopped.

The artist, who has also painted murals of Doja Cat, Eminem and more, has yet to respond to Fif's latest comments. This isn't the first time the two men have gone back-and-forth via social media. In April, the rhymer responded to a portrait of himself and Donald Trump fused together that was created by Lushsux. Fif's response to the mash-up of himself and Trump was one of the many public statements he has has made about Lushsux's artwork since they started popping up in Australia and on the internet.

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