Donald Trump took aim at Michigan again on Twitter today over absentee ballots/

Trump tweeted that he would ask to hold up funding to Michigan over the issue.

This may come as a surprise to everyone, but it turns out that Trump might not have all of the facts straight. I know it's hard to believe that our level headed leader would tweet out a threat before he knew all of the details.

The facts are that Michigan sent out applications to vote by mail to all registered voters, not ballots. There is a very big difference here that someone should have pointed out to the commander and chief after his Twitter fingers went after Michigan.

If you would like to apply to vote by mail, but did not get your application, you can download it here.

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Adding on to the information blunder that Trump displayed with his tweet, he is also being piled on for the timing of his tweet. Trump sent the tweet on the morning that thousands of Michiganders are waking up without a home due to the massive flooding in and around Midland . . . oh yea, and there is that whole pandemic thing going on too.

This has been the story for Trump critics since he became president. Making a threat off of an incorrect assumption is one thing, but doing it in place of sending a message of encouragement to people in need is ridiculous.

The sad part is that instead of just realizing the mistake and owning up to it, he will most likely find something else to rally behind to draw attention away from his misstep.


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