Drinking districts seem like a good idea to me.

New legislation that is being pitched in the house could change the face of certain areas in Michigan. House Bill No. 5781 would make room for the creation of "social districts" where the people of Michigan could enjoy some alcoholic beverages. In the designated areas, patrons would be able to purchase to-go drinks and drink them while roaming around the area.

This new bill would definitely help local bars and restaurants as we begin to open back up. I can think of several places right off the top of my head where this could work great around here. Downtown Flint would be a great place to adopt an outdoor drinking "social district." With so many great bars and restaurants to visit, this would not only help the establishments but even give customers a reason to do some exploring while enjoying drinks with friends.

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This idea is nothing new. The biggest example I can think of is Las Vegas. Having been there twice last year, I have been wondering why we don't adopt something similar. It was great to be able to wander from place to place and casino to casino without having to stress about my drink.  It's way more convenient, and safer if you ask me, to control the pace at which you drink.

We've all been there. Let's say we are in Royal Oak getting ready for a concert and stop at a local bar to grab a bite before the show. How many times have you heard a phrase similar to "slam your drink so we can go?" Why can we just take it with us?

I hope this passes. It would be a great way for communities to come alive and supports the bars and restaurants when they need it most.

Source: MLive and MI.gov


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