50 Cent is still on the hunt for people who owe him money. After trolling Rotimi for owing him $300,000, Fif is now looking to collect from former G-Unit member Young Buck.

On Tuesday (June 4), 50 Cent (aka Fofty) jumped on his Instagram page and posted a snippet of a June 2018 interview Buck did with Power 105.1 FM’s The Breakfast Club. In the clip, the Nashville, Tenn. rapper admitted that he wasn’t business savvy when it came to working with 50. “It was a situation where I had no knowledge of legal money,” he explained Charlamagne Tha God, adding that he wasn’t aware that he had to pay taxes on income from performing on tour.

In the caption, Fif writes, “I gave this fool the money man, he spent it. I paid his taxes all his legal fees. then he got caught with a tranny, and said fuck you 50. NO FUCK YOU,PUNK ASS NIGGA.”

Also, in the IG video, 50 can be overheard saying, "Man, I gave the nigga the money. I gave the nigga millions," before declaring, "Fuck that, I want my money by Monday, nigga."

As far as the money, 50 claims that Buck owes him $300,000, which will get him released from his G-Unit contract. In fact, the Power creator started a GoFundMe account to help raise enough money for Buck to pay him. “Help Young Buck get away from Fofty,” 50 captioned a screenshot of the page on IG. “Just make a donation and set your favorite rapper free. Fofty wants his fucking money.”

In 2018, five people have owed 50 Cent $1.8 million so far. And Fif wants every dime of it.

Check out 50 Cent trolling Young Buck below as well as Young Buck's The Breakfast Club interview. Fast forward to the 20-minute mark where he talks about his past relationship with 50.

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