Weather you believe that Valentines Day is real or not, women to keep you from making the same stupid V-Day mistakes I came across the 6 most common things us men do wrong on Valentine's Day or Valentime's depending on where you are from LOL!

1. Getting words of wisdom from your local drug store--There's a time and a place for Hallmark poetry and it's never on Valentine's Day. Women want to feel special. Giving a card that caters to millions of women sends the message that your love is a lot like everyone else's. More than 75 percent of women claim to want nothing more than a heart-felt love letter. A personal note is even better than chocolate.

2. Letting a bear do your bidding--Stuffed animals are for kids. Giving your lady a teddy bear holding a balloon is sweet if you're both in junior high. In a poll by a women's shopping site, members claimed teddy bears were the worst gift they ever received. Flowers and chocolates won't win her over either. A stuffed animal not only suggests you don't take your partner seriously, but it's also generic. Flowers, candy, and anything that's stamped "buy this for Valentine's Day" says limited thought went into it. Find a simple gift that shows you've been listening, like a DVD of her favorite series, or a book by an author she likes.

3. Declaring Valentine's Day a ploy for consumers--It feels like an excuse. It all comes down to celebrating your relationship. Cultural rituals like Valentine's Day create opportunities to do good things that we could do any day, but usually don't. Celebrate the day before. You can also keep it low-key. Dinner is optional. The most important thing is to set aside time to talk about things that aren't "important." Have a 10-minute conversation with your partner about anything besides kids, work, money, or domestic responsibilities.

4. Sharing the day with your BlackBerry --One in five guys will text their lover a message on Valentine's Day and one in ten will email. That doesn't even factor in Facebook and Twitter. Old-school letters are more romantic. One survey found women would be disappointed by an electronic gesture of affection. In terms of effort, it's minimal. It also brings your P.D.A. into it. That thing should be turned off during dinner. Buy a blank card or take a pictures of the two of you and write a message on the back. It doesn't have to be long, it can even be a quote from your favorite song. Handwriting holds a certain intimacy these days. If words aren't your thing, make a mix CD and write out the songs in pen.

5. Expecting her to make the plans--In the United States, 64 percent of men don't make plans in advance. That can be a problem when at least 30 percent of women expect guys plan out the entire evening. To avoid conflict, just make a plan. Making plans is a sign of commitment, even if they're not exactly what your partner had in mind. Putting thought into your time together suggests you see a future together. Preparing a meal she'll love on a candle-lit table will do the job. Dessert and a little wine will say you've really put thought into the night.

6. Under-dressing--Don't wear jeans. No matter how well they fit, denims are not invited to your date. Jeans suggest the day isn't as important to you as it may be to her. Plus, getting a little dressed up adds an element of excitement that breaks the casual routine. For a night in, try casual khakis and a crisp white shirt. If you're going out, try a skinny tie or a slim-lined gray suit.