Almost every guy will tell a woman to her face that she doesn't need make-up to look good, and even that they look better without any make-up at all.

A new poll shows that almost every guy lies to that woman's face!  Check out the results.

73% of men would prefer their wife or girlfriend wear make-up at all times.
• 21% admitted they only like their ladies to be dolled up for events and occasions
• 6% prefer the natural look

The poll also found that men most prefer the smokey eye look, like Mila Kunis. It was voted the top look because it is 'timeless' and makes a woman 'sexy and mysterious'.

I personally don't really care about make-up until it's passed the "too much" point.  The only make-up that I never think looks good on a woman, is bright red lipstick.  It's just a personal preference thing, but it just always looks like the girl tried to put it on with her opposite hand.