Have you ever thought things were going great in a new relationship and then all of a sudden you're getting dumped?  It happens to pretty much every man and woman at some point, but most never figure out why.

Now with the help of the site WotWentWrong, there is a list of reasons according to it's users.  Check out the top ten reasons both men and women are dumped.

When women get dumped, the top ten reasons are:

#1.)  The guy isn't ready for a relationship.

#2.)  She has bad hygiene.

#3.)  The guy doesn't feel like he's a priority.

#4.)  They fight too much.

#5.)  He thinks her sex drive is too low.

#6.)  She's always late.

#7.)  He met someone else.

#8.)  She's a bad kisser.

#9.)  The guy doesn't see a future with her.

#10.)  She's too hairy.

And the top reasons guys get dumped are:

#1.)  She found someone else.

#2.)  She thinks their eating habits are too different.

#3.)  He's too high-maintenance.

#4.)  He's too short.

#5.)  He doesn't make enough to support the lifestyle she wants.

#6.)  He doesn't make her feel attractive.

#7.)  He's always late.

#8.)  She's not attracted to him.

#9.)  They fight too much.

#10.)  She doesn't feel like she's a priority.