I am by far the worst person when it comes to dating, but my friends always ask me for advice (makes no sense) I know. I found 8 dating lines that are most used and what they really mean...hopefully this helps you more than I would LOL!!

1. "I'd love to stay out, but I have to get up really early tomorrow."

What it means: "Sorry, you just aren't floating my boat."--The fact that he or she wants to end the date is no big deal. But if the night is young or your date mentions an excuse for not staying out late in the middle of appetizers, that's not a good sign. Your date might sense there's no connection and want to leave sooner instead of later. But look at the upside: this person's also freeing you from a situation that's not going anywhere, so enjoy your dinner, then bail.

2. "I had such a good time with you."

What it means: "Wow, you're actually fun and different from all the other guys/girls!"--This sentence might sound generic, but try saying it out loud. It sounds far more intense than "I had a nice night," doesn't it? This is a way of revealing how you feel without getting too heavy. The person is letting you know that he or she really might like you, and trying to find out if you feel the same. So if the interest is mutual, let your date know by agreeing.

3. "I'm just not ready for a relationship."

What it means: "I'm just not in love with you."--It's hard when someone you like tells you he or she's not in a place to seriously date anyone. But it also makes you hope that the problem is timing, not your personalities. If you can just be patient, things might work out, right? Wrong. This means ‘I don't love you, so if that's what you want, we should break up.'

4. "I'd love to meet up, but I'm just really busy with work right now."

What it means: "I'm trying to think of a really nice way to blow you off."-If he or she doesn't offer any alternative dates to hang out, what you're really being told is that this person would rather work than hang out with you. You can always get away long enough for dinner or a coffee with someone or say, ‘I'm going to call you in two weeks after this project is done.' It's a matter of priorities." So if your date isn't trying to pencil you in, it could be time to write that person off.

5. "So, gotten any funny emails on Match.com lately?"

What it means: "Are you interested in seeing each other exclusively?"--It's intimidating to ask: "So, are you seeing anyone else?" And with online dating, there's a sneakier way to do it. Ask a question that will tell you whether someone's been checking his or her Match.com account for new dates. In online dating, you can get flirtatious emails 24/7, so leaving your profile up sends a message that you're still open to other prospects. So if your date's asking anything about your online activities, it's probably a sign he or she might pop the "So do you want to see each other exclusively?" question soon.

6. "So, want to meet for coffee?"

What it means: "Want to meet for a coffee and then have dinner if we like each other?"--It's always smart to schedule a short, easy-to-end date when you're first meeting a new person. Committing to dinner with someone new can seem like too much for a person who doesn't want to get stuck at a table for hours if things aren't clicking.

7. "I'm meeting my friends - want to come?"

What it means: "I really like you and want to know if you get along with my pals."--It may sound like a casual invite, but what your date is saying is that he or she is totally comfortable being seen with you as a couple and is interested in how you'll relate to his or her closest friends. Meeting the friends is an approval thing. Women want to see how he treats their friends and men want to know if his friends like the girl.

8. "Why don't you come over and I'll cook for you?"

What it means: "Ready to see whether you want to take things to the next level?"--Cooking for a person is a show of intimacy in a couple of ways. The person is really inviting you into his or her life. Someone's apartment is his or her whole world, so it shows this person is obviously very comfortable with you. Then, of course, there's the fact that you'll be just a few steps from the couch and cuddling. If it's a first or early date, this might actually be a bit too personal, especially if you're not sure how you feel. But if you're sure you're ready to explore things further, that could be the night!

Via Match.com on Yahoo