Ashton Kutcher is getting a ton of criticism for his Indian character that he played in an online dating commercial.

The cries of racism are hard to ignore, and they are so loud that they are actually drowning out how big of a douche bag Kutcher actually is.

Ashton tries to play a few different characters in the commercial, but being funny is not one of his strong points.

Aside from each accent going in and out, and the jokes being less that hysterical, he managed to offend an entire culture.  Didn't anyone on the set say, "Hey Ashton, I don't think painting your face darker to look like a different race is a good idea.  It seems like people have tried that before and it just comes off as offensive."

I know stupidity is never a valid excuse, but god Ashton is just stupid.

Ashton Kutcher Dating Commercial

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