Work on replacing the lead water pipes in Flint begins today, and the state has just announced 81 new jobs that are being created at water distribution sites in Flint.

According to WNEM, the lead service lines in Flint will start being replaced today as crews actually break ground.  The work will begin in neighborhoods that need it most.

They are determined by the results of lead testing, along with other factors.  Homes that have young children, pregnant women, and those with auto immune diseases are also considered a priority.

This work is in conjunction with the state, and will go on along side the water testing that is currently happening.

Michigan has also just announced that 81 new jobs will be coming to Flint water distribution sites.

The state is working with the local Michigan Works office to find people to fill the jobs.  The Michigan Works President talked about the jobs saying,

The positions are paid and full-time. They'll be temporary, but a big opportunity. The initial plan is to have them working for at least one year, 2,080 hours and it could go beyond that. It's gonna help them build skills for future employment

If you would like to apply for any of the job openings head over to the Michigan Works job site here.